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P L A S M A w o r l d s

PLASMAworlds: Woldu is an illustrated book, an action adventure science fiction visual story that is:

  • written for film

  • designed for games

  • manufactured for toys

PLASMAworlds is created by the imaginative mind of Anwar Bey.

And it developed for the world, by the world, at Mind Traveler Design.


WOLDU is the first installment to the PLASMAworlds franchise.

Captain Woldu is an Ethiopian space captain lost on a ravenous alien planet called Qwunzetha, with no foreseeable way of escape.

At every turn Qwunzetha is trying to devour the Captain with its native alien species.

Destruction is upon Captain Woldu. Only Woldu can save Woldu. The question is will Woldu survive?


The PLASMAworlds: WOLDU experience is launching worldwide on kickstarter.

11 - 03 - 19


Worlds Away

“Worlds Away” is a saying we use often on the project. It means this project comes from the best place in the universe, the imagination.

A world seeded in turmoil PLASMAworlds: Woldu is the hope for an entire generation.

The experience of PLASMAworlds is not just a wonderfully created action adventure project full of beautiful illustrations, it is a call to every person that engages it, a wake up call that asks of us to stretch ourselves to new limits, to see new worlds that present themselves in the form of possibility and to thrust forth, with courage and vision to see it all come to life.

Though it is worlds away, in these worlds we can build spaceships and teleportation systems that will take us anywhere we want to go, in an instant. So why limit ourselves, it’s time to see.



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