Check out the philosophy and thought process behind our Dota2 creations. Experience what we create and how it lives marvelously in the world of Dota2

The Ideas

Initially we always go through a few very different ideas, ultimately as a team and after many iterations we choose one. We constantly strive to take every creation as an opportunity to create something that at its base is simple, yet infused it with Dota 2 personality. By doing this we are able to make creatures, characters, and armors that is a memorable and possessing of tons of excitement.

The Challenge

The world of Dota 2 is all about character, everything in the game has personality, history, and beauty. As a team we constantly challenge ourselves to create something that was cute yet completely insane,  works of art that would hold up in that very unique world of Dota 2.

The Solution

A portfolio of living breathing animated works of art that are full of Dota2 style and uniqueness. From animals, to robots, to armors of all sorts Dota2 inspires us to create at the best of our ability. Dota2 has enabled us to continue to grow in skill and community as we expand our work in this unique super quirky and fun style. Click below to see some of our creations and most of all have fun!

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