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In the month of October the Founder and Creative Director of Mind Traveler Design, Anwar Bey-Taylor was invited to Hoyes Diseno in the country of Colombia to present and lead a workshop on character development for video games.



Here are his thoughts on his experience with Hoyes Desino.

“Hoyes Desino at Universidad Icesi, in Cali, Colombia was a spectacular experience! The students were very passionate and confident in the way they retained the information and in the questions they asked. They were completely engaged and excited about video game development on all levels, especially character design and development. They are progressing wonderfully towards the cutting edge of technology and I am so very excited to experience what they create in the coming years. I have no doubt it will be nothing short of incredible.”

Here are some photos from the event. As you can see the energy was monstrously magnificent.

20151015_203350446_iOSA marketing poster for Hoyes Diseno created by the students that organized and executed the event (above).

20151015_172254000_iOSA picture from Anwar’s character development presentation (above).

20151016_035330000_iOSThe team of presenters were invited from all over Latin America and the World. (above).
20151016_220828968_iOSThe character development workshop. After learning about how to develop monsters they all became monsters (above).
20151016_035324000_iOSThe entire student team that organized and executed Hoyes Diseno to perfection (above).

20151019_210416060_iOSAnwar was also invited to meet a team of student video game developers at SENA, a neighboring school in Cali, Colombia. They turned to monsters too.

“Colombia is an enchanting experience. I have meet numerous amounts of creative young students and developers who are absolutely excited to continue learning and soon share their ideas with the world. Colombia is a country of immaculate beauty and joy, it radiated within the people everywhere I visited through out the entire trip. I look forward to visiting Colombia again and helping them create magical stories and entertainment that will influence the world.” – Anwar Bey-Taylor