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Without stories everything is forgotten.


At MTD we believe that story is the crux of what lathers life into art and design. We set out to instill story into everything we create. It is through the story that history is instilled into the character, providing the possibility for the character to live in the memory banks of the user rather than to be forgotten as soon as the screen turns off.

There are many examples in films and video games where the story makes the characters timeless legends, thus because of these character’s brands and IPs are built and solidified forever into popular culture.

Darth Vader is a easily notable character that only continues to live fruitfully in our memories, even though he was created decades ago. Although he is tall, dressed from head to do toe in black, has a deep voice and a crazy scary mask, his legend goes deeper than just the design ascetics of his outfit. Darth Vader is forever ingrained in our memories because he is Luke Skywalker’s father. That story of fatherhood turned a already bad ass character into a well rounded multi faceted historic icon, suddenly he is applicable to youth and adults, and because of that he will live on for generations.




The story grounds the design. A wizard without story is just a design consisting of a bunchh of basic archetypes (ie: pointed hat, staff, long beard) but when you plant the seeds of story, you can get something more powerful. An old man that stumbled upon a magic staff while walking his dog can look like anyone… he can evolve into the role of wizard in ways that are new and rich with emotive context. It is in story that mediocre poeple can can become heroic icons, revered and remembered for lifetimes.




Story can make an otherwise basic character design seem original and full of life. The addition of bandages, a broken watch, a locket with the character’s recently passed mother in it, a chipped St. marks necklace pendant, and/or a battered dirty jacket with band patches and buttons can make a basic street character archetype turn into a identifiable hero or vigilante that the audience can identify with.


Story leads our character designs and creations, always, whether it’s a mobile game, a new player skin for a M.O.B.A. game character, a monster for a console game or an old broken watch-tower nestled at land’s end, story is always present in our creations. For client we always ask about the story and subtext about the universe they are creating, the world in which their characters are existing in. In some cases there is no story, that is not a problem, upon client approval we fill in those missing story pieces, guaranteeing a creation that is rich with history, identifiable attributes, and a type of life that is sure to couple seamlessly within the memory wharehouse of the players. – AnwarBey